Weider Chalk Balls for Gymnastics Rock Climbing or CrossFit

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Get a grip on your next workout with Weider Chalk Balls. Composed of magnesium carbonate, these chalk balls are the perfect tool to improve your powerlifting, CrossFit, or gymnastics performance. Used to keep your hands dry and enhance your grip, lifting chalk can provide you with the ability to hold heavier weight for longer and reduce the chances of slipping off of a gymnastic bar or off of a rock wall. One of the simplest, easiest to use tools any fitness enthusiast can purchase, gym chalk is multi-beneficial in that it enhances your grip by drying the sweat off of your palms. Kept in convenient mesh, these Weider chalk balls last longer, are less messy, and easier to transport than loose chalk blocks. With 50 grams of chalk per bag, these chalk balls will last through multiple weightlifting, CrossFit or gymnastics sessions. Improve your grip and power through your next workout or supplement your active lifestyle with the help of Weider 50-gram Chalk Balls.