Boots & Barkley Tug Rope with Crinkle Ball Dog Toy

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Tug Ball Dog Toy Rope Crinkle - Boots & Barkley. Get ready to play an exciting game of fetch or indulge in a fun tug of war with your favorite pooch with this Tug Ball Dog Toy from Boots and Barkley™. Crafted in the shape of a brightly colored ball with knotted rope ends, this classic dog toy is comfortable for you to hold, while your furry little friend tugs away on the other end. A perfect tug-of-war solution for you and your pooch, this plush dog toy comes with knotted tassels on either side that lets them shake or chew it for hours on end. Whether used during fun playtime or for getting them ready for some exercise, this rope dog toy offers many ways to keep your pooch fit, healthy and entertained. Loving your pet from head to tail.™